Differentiation Between Divorce And Annulment

The percentage of marriages that become successful is low since most of these couples end up separated after some time. Divorce and annulment might sound similar but have a lot of differences which only professionals like lawyers and judges can help. Since legal action might be involved in these procedures, lawyers are required to have information about them. A large number of people perceive that divorce and annulment are one and the same thing. Even though after a divorce or annulment you shall be single again, both of these processes have a large number of differences. A simple understanding of these words is that, with divorce, it is used to terminate a valid marriage.

With an annulment, the marriage is considered as null and void. Annulment process incorporates professionals that will help to terminate the marriage and have it regarded as null and void. With an annulment, your marriage is not valid and requires legal assistance. Although you shall not have been married after the annulment is done, the records of that marriage is kept in your legal files. On the other hand, the divorce process is done to end a legal marriage. You are allowed to date again once the divorce is finalized and have no consequences to worry about. There are couples who opt to get this service of annulment in the church whereas some prefer the legal procedures.

At some point, you might have a feeling that the marriage should not have taken place and thus, request for an annulment. One of the reasons as to why you can seek an annulment is when you now encounter incompetence with your partner. If you were not mentally stable while getting married, the law will understand have you annulled. For some people, they find themselves in a new marriage despite the fact that they are already married. It is against the law to get married twice without legally ending the first marriage. What the government will do is annul the second marriage.

There are cases where cousins or even siblings have gotten married only to realize this later after the marriage is over. According to the law, you are now required to get an annulment because this is incest. If you want to get divorced instead of an annulment, there is need for more evidence in respect to your location. In divorce situations where children are involved or asset division is necessary, it is important that you hire a lawyer. With this lawyer, you shall have someone to guide you through the legal divorce process. The chances of one qualifying for an annulment are minimal and that is why it is rare in this company. There are some states that bar couples from getting an annulment after they have been married for a certain period.